Spreadsheet Introduction and Graphing

Goal: Our goal today is to learn how to enter data (information) into a spreadsheet program and make a graph from the data.

Yum! I hope are in the mood for M&M's today.

1. Open Microsoft Excel (it's the green x on your dock). It looks like:

2. Enter words into your spreadsheet's cells so it looks like the following (please don't add purple):

3. You will given a handful of M&Ms.

4. Count all the colors you have including purple.

5. Type the total number of each M&Ms next to the number. Your spreadsheet should look like the following:

6. Highlight all of the information using your mouse.

7. Select the Chart tool. It looks like:

8. Make sure the Column Graph is selected.

9. Click Next

10. Click Next

11. Click Next

12. Click Finish

13. Your graph should appear on your screen.

14. Now, let's add the purple.

15. Click on Row 3

16. Click on Insert | Row. Like in the following picture.

16. Print a copy of your cells and graph.

17. Save your spreadsheet using your initials.

notes: cf needs to finish graph.
did normal non-inserting graph