Spreadsheet Introduction and Graphing

Goal: Our goal today is to learn how to add numbers, find and replace information in your spreadsheet, insert rows and columns, and to sort our information.

Yum! I hope are in the mood for M&M's today.

Stage 1
1. Open Microsoft Excel (it's the green x on your dock). It looks like:

2. Go to File | Open

3. In the third box, find your name. The arrow below points to the third box.

4. Select Open

Stage 2
5. Like in the picture below, click on the cell underneath your last M&M color and count.

6. On the toolbar, find the "E" type symbol. It looks like:

7. A blue marching ants line should wrap around the numbers you want to add.

8. Press the return key (on your keyboard).

9. The total number of M&M should appear now in the box where the =SUM(B2:B6) was on the last step. This is seen in the picture below.

Please Wait For Instructions

Step 3

10. Now - your yellow M&Ms just turned into Red M&Ms.

11. Highlight all of the cells like below using your mouse.
12. Go to Edit | Replace

12. Fill out the Replace box, like the one below.

13. Click Find Next

14. Click Replace

14. Please make sure that yellow is now red on your spreadsheet.

Please wait for instructions

Step 4

14. Now, let's add the color brown to our rows.

15. Click on Row 3 (the actual number).

16. Your spreadsheet should look like:

17. Click on Insert | Row like in the following picture:

18. In the new row, type in brown with then number of 5.

Step 5 - Last Step
Now we are going to sort our colors alphabetically.

18. Highlight just the colors and numbers like in the picture below.

19. Click on the sort button. It looks like:

20. All of your M&M colors (and their numbers) should be in alphabetical order.

Great job for getting through all the steps! Have a great day!