Friday, March 9, 2007

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night. That means one less hour of sleep. :( It's also a good time to check batteries in your smoke detectors.

We have three goals today:
1. Our first goal is to compile all of our costs.
2. The second goal is to enter all of the information into our Google spreadsheets.
3. The third goal is to use the spreadsheet as a tool to help us with the math.

Step One - Compiling Information
In this step you should collect all of the total prices for the items you've bought. You can look under the Discussion tab. Your initials should accompany your posts. Secondly, you can look through your folders.

You should have prices for the following:
  • House (mortgage)
  • Car
  • Cell Phone Cost
  • Cell Phone Monthly Payment
  • Electronics
  • Clothes

Step Two - Entering The Information Into Our Spreadsheet
1. Go to
2. Please sign in with the following information: (username)
01170701 (password)

3. Click on New Spreadsheet

4. Your spreadsheet should look like the following. Please note that you should use your own costs.

5. Once you are finished typing everything into your spreadsheet, please do the chicken dance (just kidding).

6. Please click the save button.

7. Your filename should look like 7th-firstname-budget

8. Click OK.

Have a great day and weekend!