Spreadsheet Introduction and Graphing

: Our goal today is to learn how to enter data (information) into a spreadsheet program and make a graph from the data.

Yum! I hope are in the mood for M&M's today.

1. Open Microsoft Excel (it's the green x on your dock). It looks like:

2. Enter words into your spreadsheet's cells so it looks like the following (please don't add purple):

3. You will given a handful of M&Ms.

4. Count all the colors you have including purple.

5. Type the total number of each M&Ms next to the number. Your spreadsheet should look like the following:

6. Place your mouse in the next cell after your last number as in the picture below:

7. Next, let's add up all the M&M you have.

8. Find the Autosum button that looks like:

9. A blue moving (marching ants) line will appear around the numbers like the picture below:

10. Press the return key on your keyboard.

11. The total number of M&Ms should appear where it says =SUM(B2:B6).

12. Next, let's make a chart.

13. Highlight all of the information using your mouse.

14. Select the Chart tool. It looks like:

15. Make sure the Column Graph is selected.

16. Click Next

17. Click Next

18. Click Next

19. Click Finish

20. Your graph should appear on your screen.

21. Print a copy of your cells and graph.

22. Save your spreadsheet using your initials.

14. Now, let's add the purple.

15. Click on Row 3

16. Click on Insert | Row. Like in the following picture.

16. Print a copy of your cells and graph.

17. Save your spreadsheet using your initials.