Hi 4th Grade!

Goal: We have three goals today:

1. We will learn three tips for making presentations and being a good audience member.
2. We will present our Story of Life visual maps to the class.
3. We will give our classmates feedback about their presentations.

Three Tips for Making Presentations
1. Maintain Eye Contact
2. Speak Loudly
3. Speak Slowly

Three Tips for Listening During Presentations
1. Listen Carefully
2. Ask Questions In Your Mind
3. Take Notes if needed

Directions for Class
1. We will give our presentations.
2. During each presentation, we will listen for the following:
  • Does everything make sense?
  • Do we have any questions?

3. We will take our notes on our spreadsheets.
4. Please write the presenter's first name only.
5. Answer on a scale of 1 to 5:
  • 1. Directions
  • 2. Work
  • 3. Eye Contact
  • 4. Speak Loudly
  • 5. Speak Slowly

7. Those who have yet created their web pages or uploaded their presentation will get a chance to do so next week.