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Please print this to the HP 4050. (File | Print | Select the 4050).

The following are the steps for today:

1. Go into Google docs (
2. Open your High School Music writing from last week.
3. Make the following changes:
The plot sentence font needs to be changed to 14, Arial, Underlined, and Red (Font Size, Font, Font Style and Font Color)
The characters' names need to be changed to 12, Comic Sans, and Blue
The setting needs to be changed to 10, Georgia, and Yellow.
4. Next rename the characters to any names you'd like.
5. Change the plot but keep it somewhat related to the High School Musical Theme. An example could be:
But Mr. Wargo, who never really was good enough to act, is trying to overwork 8th graders Reggie and Maria so they don't
have a chance to audition for the musical.

6. Create your own High School Musical Trailer - tell a story...